Plumbing Concepts Designed To Preserve Earth's Most Valuable Natural Resource 

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R2K Plumbing and Drain specializes in helping home owners make the transition to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. We can help minimize the costs of "going green" by optimizing available rebates and water saving designs.

Why Go Green?


It seems like everywhere you go today, someone is urging you to "go green." Now your plumber is encouraging you to do the same. The obvious question that may come to mind is "Why?" The immediate answer usually given is that the Earth's natural resources must be protected and sustained not only for ourselves but for future generations. While this is true, it doesn't always give us the incentive to make positive changes today. Truthfully, the challenge to conserve our natural resources can sometimes seem overwhelming. It may seem easier to continue with our comfortable habits, but actually, even little efforts can add up to significant changes.Duck kissing globe for R2K Plumbing in Arizona

Here's how going green can help YOU.

  • First and foremost, energy saved = money saved!
  • Upgrading existing plumbing systems can be made easier with the assistance of rebates and tax credits, making changes much more affordable and realistic to accomplish.
  • Because creating an eco-friendly lifestyle truly is the right thing to do for the health of the Earth now and in the future. It is simple to begin making a positive impact!
  • The Arizona Green Plumbers provide a free consultation service to help you discover all the ways your home can become more environmentally efficient.

Start saving water, energy and money today!

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